I'm a writer and a musician. Most of my books (and all of my music, so far) is self-released on various online platforms. I write in various styles and genres.

Sometimes I write absurd comedy and absurd horror. By "absurd" I mean, not just ridiculous, but the universe's apparent meaninglessness's assault on sanity. This opens the door for great comedy, but also horror. True madness lies in that obscene combination.

Other times I write weird adventure stories and science fiction mysteries. Sci-Fi provides the tools to create far-out environments, characters, and situations which still fall somewhere within the realm of the rational. And adventures are just fun. Hopefully I'll provide some entertainment and stimulation. I'm not going to pretend that I'm writing literature. Even when my stories are primarily idea-based I still want them to chug along on an engine of vivid prose.

I self-publish books because it gives me more control over the creative process. I choose the cover artist, I release it whenever I want, and I can take my books to conventions and shows to interact with the audience. I also recently published a horror novel with a traditional publisher and I have a mystery novel coming out with a different company this November. Before that date I hope to self-release an epic adventure story. So stay tuned for that.

Currently I'm doing some audio work for the fine people at Psymposia.com. They're a psychedelics-awareness organization and they host events and release media to spread the love of psilocybin, LSD, marijuana, and other mind-expanding substances. Obviously it's a human-rights violation for these things to be illegal, but it's totally legal for us to produce a weekly podcast featuring interviews and storytelling events which promote the positive (as well as warning of the negative) effects of psychedelics. The podcast is called the Psychedelic Salon 2.0, which is operating as a branch of the ongoing Psychedelic Salon podcast. Check it out at Psymposia.com/podcast, or PsychedelicSalon.com.

I was born in Newfoundland and educated in new Brunswick. I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario.

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