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The Matt Payne Website

The Matt Payne Website

Strange Stories and Funky Music.

Strange Stories and Funky Music.

BOOKS FOR FREAKS: Absurd Comedy | Weird Horror | Psychedelic Adventures | Visionary Science Fiction.
MUSIC: Funky Experiments in IDM and Indietronica.


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New Site is LIVE!!

2017-05-22 23:05:26 UTC

Hi folks.

Welcome to my new website. There was nothing wrong with my old website, but I wanted to learn to use Ruby on Rails, and this is the product of that experiment. To be honest, I'll probably completely re-work the whole thing in another few months.

There are some improvements though:

  • My LiveJournal blog is now displayed here.
  • I can do little notes and updates, which I guess is good.
  • I guess that's it...
  • ENJOY!

Ruby on Rails

2017-05-21 17:07:07 UTC

I'm building this site with Ruby on Rails. It's pretty fun. Easier than Django, more complicated than simple PHP/MySQL. My previous site (same URL) was done with raw PHP.

Now that I have some idea how Rails works I can start working on some web-based games. Stay tuned for that!


BLOG [-]

The Process Walks

2017-06-19 19:36:18 UTC

I'm trying to tell you something. It has to come through some medium. I cannot explicitly say it because it cannot be explicitly said. Language is triggers. I will try to show you.

There is a woman. She thinks of herself as a guy. Not a ma...

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Thumb sbol220x330

A gruesome grimoire of hilarious anecdotes, impossible bullshit, and good advice. Plus sorcery, spiritual insight, get-rich-quick schemes, and ancient wisdom. Pretty much X-rated.

Thumb robotgod220x330

Mind-Bending Short Fiction.

A scientist battles a robot-god who experiences time backwards. A magic dog writes mind-destroying fiction. A genetic experiment falls in love with works of ar...

Thumb dm220x330

Escape onto Dinosaur Mountain, a never-ending ski-hill full of dinosaurs and magic, where anything can happen!

Dr. Maverick Branderdash stole a mobile home from the bank ...

Thumb grank220x330

The universe is full of mystery and Larry has the inside scoop... at least, he thinks he does. In this collection Larry uncovers secrets about multiple antichrists, alien conspiracies, the Liquid Cul...

More Books


Thumb trash

B-sides, leftovers, and other fun oddities.


Thumb synthetica small

Funky Experiments in Structure and Form.


Thumb ancientm small

An unearthed music box full of eerie funky noise. Ancient beats and tragic tunes. Wordless chants to pagan gods. Musical utterances of secret pagan knowledge, devouring the bi-polar dichotomy of "ange...


Thumb spacewine medievalcomputer sm

The loneliness of an old monestary, poured over sexy beats like chocolate over chopped wood. Weird scales and lots of eery sounds.


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