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2017-05-05 23:06:38 UTC

Electoral Reform is about "Values Over Regionality"

I'm one of the folks who were disappointed when Trudeau bailed on Canadian electoral reform.

I want to explain the biggest reason that I think it's important. I basically don't care too much about having a local representatative in parliament. I know it's important, but I care more about having my values represented nationally. Currently each region elects and sends one member of parliament to Ottawa to ostensibly represent that region, based on where they live. But all across Canada we vote based on our political values, and those don't get properly represented.

It's an out-dated system. There probably was a time when it was more important to have someone from REGION X speaking out for his neighbours when the federal government made decisions that effect the region. But we're more connected now, more mobile, and our divisions are more ideological than geographical.

All across Canada people vote for, say, the Green Party because they care about environmental issues. The Greens got 3.5% of the vote. There are 338 seats in parliament. 3.5% of 338 seats would be 11 or 12 seats. Then we would have 11 or 12 representatives voting for pro-environmental issues. Instead, the Green Party only made it "past the post" in one riding, catching a single seat. That single seat is worth around 0.3% of the votes, when they really got more than ten times that support.

Most of our parties are nation-wide parties. They are designed to represent values which transcend regionality. Values that unite us. We don't like the Liberals or the Conservatives as much as parliament makes it look. I don't know who my local representative is. I don't really care. I voted Liberal because Trudeau said he'd legalize marijuana and reform parliament.

I also move around a lot. I want the federal government to represent me regardless of what city or province I'm currently in.

It's an out-dated system and I'd like this issue to stay in the public eye.

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