Neo-Something Doom Puzzle

Neo something

Released: 2017-02-01

Styles & Genres: Occult Horror, Absurd Comedy

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Hipsters and losers seek their fortunes and pursue their weird urges while the Freak Collector weaves his cosmic traps.

Neo-Something Doom Puzzle is a playfully evil and sometimes violent book. It tells the tales of several young hipsters and losers struggling for stability in a carnivorous universe. Neuroses and bad luck weave together the ambitious journeys of the multiple protagonists. Hopes and dreams are taken apart and re-arranged in a universe full of occult horror and morbid absurdity, living symbolism and adventure. Fast-paced prose and abstract story-structure add layers of meaning to an experiment in narrative form.

Sam is a naive and neurotic young man who is bullied by his family. He bravely takes his unrealistic dream of creating video games into the working world. With no planning or experience he is in over his head and easily manipulated by multiple bosses. Those bosses in turn are in over their heads in occult pursuits with repercussions for themselves and for Sam.

Ted is a drug-damaged introvert who meets up with successful old friends for a sky-diving excursion. When bad winds blow his parachuting companions onto a haunted mountain Ted plunges in to find and rescue them. What he discovers is a world where subtle meaning manifests itself as discrete entities, time plays strange tricks on lost wanderers, and personalities are mere toys for inexplicable forces.

Other characters pursue their own ambitions via violent orgies, dangerous job-hunts, and team-building exercises gone-awry. Amongst the hostility of capitalist predators the struggling heroes also meet creatures from the void, manifestations of the universe's unknowableness, and puzzles of power to be unlocked.

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