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Ruby on Rails

2017-05-21 17:07:07 UTC

I'm building this site with Ruby on Rails. It's pretty fun. Easier than Django, more complicated than simple PHP/MySQL. My previous site (same URL) was done with raw PHP.

Now that I have some idea how Rails works I can start working on some web-based games. Stay tuned for that!

New Site is LIVE!!

2017-05-22 23:05:26 UTC

Hi folks.

Welcome to my new website. There was nothing wrong with my old website, but I wanted to learn to use Ruby on Rails, and this is the product of that experiment. To be honest, I'll probably completely re-work the whole thing in another few months.

There are some improvements though:

  • My LiveJournal blog is now displayed here.
  • I can do little notes and updates, which I guess is good.
  • I guess that's it...
  • ENJOY!

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