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ஆழ்நிலை அலை

Tue, 10 Dec 2019 04:29:31 GMT

ஆழ்நிலை அலை is my name and I come from another two centuries. Neither of them really liked me but I was already used to that. In my line of work you tend to rub centuries the wrong way. The problem is, time-waves ripple out from each century, forwards and backwards forever, and where they meet in the middle you could see interference patterns (if you were the type of creature who could “see” such things).

Those interference patterns are The Lord Peel, whose will emerges from between appearances (relationships and waves). He plays an instrument and he never plays monotone. There is meaning in the intervals between the notes that he plays. He follows a regular schedule but is always pushing himself to new heights and new situations. Of course sometimes he takes a little vacation to help him transition between projects.

A tragedy occurred (thirteen were dismembered, six fatally, partially consumed) and Peel’s music took on a more dissonant tone. He played in disreputable establishments and befriended disreputable people.

I promised to return one day. He wrote his final song for me.


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