Millenarianistic Chronodyke

By Johannes Paine.
The mayor has been disgraced and every political party is hungry for his seat.
Henry has escaped from prison, but to evade the cops he joins a party whose platform he can't comprehend. Every attempt to escape pulls him deeper into games of power, and love.
Nico is a sexy dirtbike champ who enters politics to represent his fellow performers, because he’s such an adorable sweetheart. But the cruelty of his new colleagues rips his life apart and tests his will to its sexy core.
The Tech Nomads escalate from wifi raids to a digital-magic coup. The Clown Party is ostracized by the other candidates, and are pushed to radical action. The mayor plots treason to install himself as king. They will all clash in their quests for power.
No matter who wins the parliamentary municipal election, the island-nation city-state of Ethelcrest will never be the same.

Styles & Genres: weird comedy, science fiction

Released: August 15, 2020

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POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS...Radical Chronodyke/Millenarianistic Chronodyke


FAVOURITE PILLS...speed/microdoses of mushrooms/digestive enzymes the end of time, time begins, and flows backwards toward the horror of infinitely compressing "big bang" (AKA big crush where we are all one, squeezed together, elbow-to-elbow, really uncomfortable and socially awkward)(this is why we can never know anything, because our minds our backwards, like the stitching on the back of a decorative patch, and the pre-sensory ingredients for consciousness, the responsive living universe, is utterly alien in its proper time direction, and we are alone, and it doesn't even know we exist)



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PREFERRED TRANSDUCTION PARADIGM...bifurcated oblidisk gyration schema

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